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     December 21, 2003 - almost Christmas

Last night as I was struggling to fall asleep, as usual, I crafted a well-spoken, eloquent entry to the badbartopia news. It was a thing of beauty. I was inspired by the Douglas Adams biography written by Neil Gaiman that I had been reading earlier. The words were rolling from my tongue and this was going to be the most well-written and coherent news entry to date. Alas, I couldn't disturb the little woman and the entry was not created during my most fecund creative moment. There are brief lingering glimpses of what may have been, but the majority, and the word-smithery, is lost.

I am writing this on my father-in-law's computer in St. George, Utah.

I've seen Finding Nemo and Santa Clause 2 a few times in the past couple of days (heard, mostly. The kids were watching it in the back seat of the car on the way to Utah). Nemo is a pretty amazing piece of animation.

I really want to do something special with the Douglas Adams pages, but the time to work on them seems to be forever out of reach (especially the time needed to be devoted to the online guide). I have ideas, but no time to put them into being. I learned something last night when reading the Neil Gaiman written Douglas Adams biography: Douglas Adams would have liked to have been a software engineer. Well, I have that going for me, at least.

I am starting work on a Highlander section of the site that wiill contain Highlander information, an image gallery, sound clips, etc. It isn't very far along, but there should be something available soon. The source of this inspiration: a contest I am sure to lose sponsored by the official Highlander web site. The prize: the Macleod claymore.

In additon to the Highlander page, I am also considering the creation of a page to honor The Police with information, images, sound clips, etc centered around my all-time favorite rock band. An interesting thing about The Police, though...when I listen to a majority of the music I loved so well in my youth, I am struck by its mundanity. Many of the songs continue to hold my fascination, but other songs I loved have lost their appeal...but that will be expounded upon at a later time.

I realized today, when looking through the dismal Sunday comics that St. George, Utah has to offer, that I am going to miss this week's installment of Berkeley Breathed's Opus. I am bummed, to put it mildly.

I finished another Myth book on the way to St. George, Something M.y.t.h. Inc. This book had an appendix at the end with descriptions of various characters, items, locations and other bits of information. After reading it, I realized that I have missed two novels (one of which I think I left sitting on the shelf at home): (the book I think I have it at home) and M.Y.T.H. In.c in Action. My outlook for locating either is not great, due to the present retail offerings (and the future outlook is even more dismal--Idaho).

I know the Star Wars Kid is old news, but I just discovered that I have a few of the videos in my "uploads" area, so I thought I would link to them so everyone can take a peek. I think I may have a few other humorous videos sitting around, too. I'll keep you posted.

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© Brett Wilkes. All Rights Reserved.
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