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November 15, 2003

I don't quite feel like archiving November 10th's thoughts, so I'm just going to add today's thoughts to those... [as you can see, I did end up breaking 11/10 and 11/15's musings apart...]

I have finished reading Monstrous Regiment and Bleachers (a very quick read--only 160-something pages with large print). I found myself drawing comparisons between the writing styles of Terry Pratchett and John Grisham--which is odd beacuse their genres are in no way similar and while Terry Pratchett infuses humor all over the place in his satirical version of the world (or the Disc World), John Grisham very seldomly makes any attempt at being humorous. But they both manage to bring out such strong empathy in the reader for the characters they create. Isaac Asimov also had that ability. As does Robert Aspirin. Tim Powers and Neil Gaiman are pretty good at it, but not in the same league as Pratchett and Grisham. Speaking of Gaiman, I have finaly started Stardust (another HUGE font print job) and am not quite sure what I think about it yet. It kind of reminds me of the attempt at fantasy made by Stephen King (the title of which eludes me) that wasn't too bad, but wasn't especially great either. But I am only about thirty pages into it, so I'll reserve judgement for now. The other books I have read by Gaiman, which I have enjoyed, have seemed very similar (mysterious and suspensful) to the Tim Powers books that I have read. Mybe it's the difference between the American and the British approach to writing. Dunno. We'll see what happens...

We, the wife and I, watched Dumber and Dumber-er last night. I have to admit that I'm a fan of the original, but this one, although humorous at moments, was not as satisfying. Legally Blonde 2 came before that. They should have stopped at Legally Blonde 1. We plan to watch The Astronaut's Wife tonight. It was $5.99 on DVD at Target today, Woo-hoo! Whether it was really worth the six bucks remains to be seen. I, for one, am a Johnny Depp fan (even though he is, gasp, an opinionated liberal). How can anyone who saw him in Pirates of the Carribean not be a fan? And hey, how about that Charlize Theron---now there's a frood who can borrow my towel any day.

Watched The Astronaut's Wife [11-16-2003]. Not really all that impressed. But then again, it wasn't really my kind of movie. It was probably okay for it's genre (suspenseful sci-fi horror), but I've never been an Aliens fan.

We, the family, went to Disneyland on Veteran's Day (11/11) becasue Keli was out of school. Whew, what a mistake that was. The crowds were pretty close to summer capacity (at least it appeared so to me). Note to self: Avoid Disneyland on ALL holidays.

It's funny how, when I am away from the computer, the erudite thoughts pour into my head (about what I want to put here), but as soon as I sit down, I turn into Forrest Gump. Oh well, life is like a box of Chocolates...

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