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May 17, 2003

It has been almost 2 months since I last updated this page (or done much work on the site).

Here is what I have finally managed to do:
    There's a new tab on the main page.
    I have changed the look of all the tabs.
    I have fixed the password entry (for the princess gallery) so that an "enter key" press will submit the entered password.
    I have added a "viewer" window that all images with click for bigger links will open within (drawings, for sale stuff, princess gallery).
    I have scanned the 2 latest portrait sittings of the girls (3/14/03 and 3/26/03).
    I have actually updated my bio a little bit.

I'm sure there have been other changes, but those are all I can think of right now...

I saw the Matrix Reloaded on opening day, Thursday.

I thought it was really good (as far as sequels go), but there was at least one severly over-choreographed fight and it did take a while to become interesting.

I'm really excited about the Pirates of the Carribean movie...the previews look great.

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