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March 23, 2003

Well, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy remains as incomplete as ever, my bio continues to suffer from inattention and the little princess is still on her way to her first adventure.

I have added a "Comics and related items for sale" page to try and unload some of the duplicate/ unwanted comics I have accumulated throughout the years. I am accepting any reasonable offer (I'm not out to make a killing, I'm just hoping to clear out some comic box space).

I have uploaded scans of the San Diego Union/Tribune article about The Police's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of of Fame (an interview with Stewart Copeland, primarily).

Heard about the Pirates of the Carribean movie coming out this summer?

Pirate stuff has always fascinated me (for a good pirate read, check out Tim Powers' On Stranger Tides).

As always, let me know if anything doesn't work.

I don't feel like taking my gripes about the Lord of the Rings movies down yet...

Okay, so when I claimed to have finished the Lord of the Rings a few days ago, I lied. I am now finished with appendix A and starting Appendix B (at the end of Return of the King). "Why do I mention this?", you ask...well, it seems I was a bit hasty in my finger pointing...

Grievous revision 1) Admittedly, there was no mention of Aragorn and Arwen's relationship in the main text of the novels, but Appendix A relates the untold story, which is similar to the movie version, but not quite the same. In Appendix A, Elrond tells Aragorn that Arwen is off limits unless he should become king, but Aragorn really did have a thing for Arwen. So I was wrong...

Grievous revision 2) I still say Tom Bombadil and the Barrow Downs should have been in the first movie.

Grievous revision 3) Same for Quickbeam, the Ent draughts, etc.

Grievous revision 4) As for Faramir, the book led me to believe that there was some animosity between Faramir and Bormoir, but Appendix A assured me that Faramir idolized Boromir, so I was wrong there. I still think they mis-handled the Faramir character in the movie, though.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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