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Novemember 22, 2003

Well, it took a few days, but I finally made it back. With a few exceptions (such as experimenting with grapical tabs), I have completed the remodeling of the main part of Badbartopia. The Bio is still a work in progress and will be evolving as I re-read and do my re-writes. The Downloads section and Douglas Adams section are next (for conversion to the "new look").

I watched Dude, Where's My Car tonight. Can you say Bill and Ted ripoff?

What a waste of 2 hours that was (although I have to admint that I consider Bill and Ted to be a classic)...

I haven't been doing much reading lately. I'm still working on the first Myth book.

Once again, I have failed to locate any new pictures of Keli or Emeli to upload, Maybe next time...


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