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March 16, 2003

The re-construction of BadBartopia is complete. In addition to making everything tab-driven, I have added gradient backgrounds to many of the pages and fixed a couple of issues here and there. The password logic (to get into the Princess Gallery) is much better than before.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy remains as incomplete as ever, my bio continues to suffer from inattention and the little princess is still on her way to her first adventure. Other than that, though, everything should be functioning.

I have added a "Family News" tab to the Princess Gallery (as well as several new "snapshots"). Let me know if I have made any grevious errors or anything doesn't work.

I just finished re-reading the Lord of the Rings. What's up with the movie version of the story? They have done, what appears to me, irreparable damage to the overall story with their revisions to the story...

Grievous revision 1) What's the deal with Aragorn and Arwen? There's no mention of their relationsip in the book, and Elrond actually gives her to Aragorn at the end of the book (Return of the King) to be his queen, but in the movie, Elrond does nothing but try to dissuade her from being with Aragorn. I'm interested to see how the movie version deals with this. More importantly, by adding all this "Arwen and Aragorn" drivel, they have wasted valuable screen time that could have been devoted to events that were skipped over (such as the barrow dows and Tom Bombadil).

Grievous revision 2) What hapened to Tom Bombadil and the Hobbits' journey through the barrow downs? Granted, Tom Bombadil isn't a major player in the war of the ring, but the Hobbits' misadventures in the barrow downs is very important. Without the sword Merry picked up in the downs, he would have been unable to kill the King of the ring wraiths. I wonder how the movie will change the story at this point to make the origin of Merry's weapon irrelevant. But I like Tom Bombadil and I wish he had not been excluded.

Grievous revision 3) What about Merry and Pippin's time with the ents? Quickbeam is never introduced and the two hobbits are never, unless I have just forgotten, given the ent draught that causes them to grow to be larger than the average hobbit. Quickbeam isn't really a major player, but he is an interesting character and helps to explain the nature of the ents.

Grievous revision 4) What have they done to Faramir? Faramir is treated like a mindless lackey in the movie version. He is afraid to make a decision on his own and his strained relationship with Boromir and his father is never even hinted to. All the time wasted by taking Frodo and Sam to Gondor steals valuable screen time that could have been used to get the hobits to Shelob's lair. And Frodo is treated badly in this scene, as well. He doesn't lie (in the book) about knowing Gollum--he is cautious about revealing the true nature of Gollum's role in their quest lest he reveal his burden to Faramir.

There are other revisions, but that's all I feel like complaining about today...

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