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     December 12, 2003 - 13 days until the big guy comes to town!

Keli had her big Chuck E Cheese birthday party on Saturday. It was a lot of fun for the kids. I was able to meet one of Keli's little friends, Destinee, that I had heard so much about. There are photos from the party, including a few photo-sketches that were created by one of the "video games" that have been added to the snapshots and 2003 portrait pages in the Princess gallery.

My parents gave Keli a really cute birthday card...

A word of warning for parents of 6 year old kids: don't be so sure that your kids will love E.T. Keli has been claimimg to be scared every night since she saw it. Hey, here's another observation from E.T....who knew that Erika Eleniak at 12 was the "pretty girl" that Elliot had a crush on? I was surprised to see that.

I made several changes within the last week or two that should be obvious to any of the two or three of you who have been here before. I added the graphical tabs to the main and downloads section, added the navigation bar to the left side of very nearly every page, tried to break most of the longer pages into shorter sub-pages and make the site friendlier to resolution of less than 1024x768. The Douglas Adams section is still a work in progress (as far as the renovation goes) and I have big plans to make the princess gallery friendlier to any of my cave-dwelling friends/relatives that do not have a broadband connection to the internet.

I have added a few drawings (sketches, really) to the Drawings section in the Downloads area. They're not much, but I thought I might as well show what I was doing since I haven't really drawn anything in...years, really. There are even a couple of photos of me in the act of drawing.

Speaking of drawing, if you don't know who Berkeley Breathed is, you should check him out. He has returned to the world of the Sunday comics (after an eight year hiatus) with the "successor" to Bloom County, Opus. Here are scans of the first three weeks' worth of comic strips (they were slightly bigger than my scanner, so the scan's aren't perfect). The scans don't come close to capturing the amazing use of color (even more amazing, considering the medium) in the comic strips.

We watched Santa Clause 2 this week. It was pretty good, for a sequel. Casting Elizabeth Mitchell as the, sorry to ruin it if you haven't seen it, future Mrs. Claus was an interesting idea.

From Gia to a Disney flick in 15 years...interesting.

Keli and Emeli had their Children's Chorus Christmas singing performance last weekend. The pictures taken during the performance didn't turn out very well (my camera's battery was very nearly dead), but there are a couple of new snapshots of the girls singing. Keli also got her school pictures, so those are out there in the 2003 portraits section as well as a few new pictures of the girls being cute around the house (on the snapshots page).

I finally found the much coveted Legolas action figure--the one that comes with the horse. But he's still in his box (as are a few of the others I have recently stumbled across). Yes, I collect those things...

I've been trying to get this stuff posted for about a week now. Life can be very demanding...especially at Christmas time.

As long as I'm rambling incoherently though...I was watching the Lakers play against the New York Knicks this week and was surprised at how many ex-Utah Jazz players were on the court for most of the game. Karl Malone and Bryon Russel were playing for the Lakers and Howard Eisley and Shandon Andersen were playing for the Knicks. It was weird watching the one-time team mates battling it out. Although I have to admit that the NBA has been a lot less appealing ever since John Stockton decided to retire. It was magic watching a 40 year old guy run cirles around kids half his age making 5 times as much money.

I watched How to Deal with the little woman tonight. Definitely a chick-flick. It didn't really speak to me on any level, but Julie seemed to like it. Mandy Moore definitely looks cuter with short hair, though.

Only 5 more days until The Return of the King hits theatres. Unfortunately, my company's holiday part is also that night, so I won't be seeing it until later. I found a pile of Legolas pictures that I may be using as source material for a drawing that I'm contemplating...

And the last thing I'm going to blather on about tonight is the Myth books. I'm up to 8, Sweet Myth-tery of Life and when I finish this one (I'm only about 20-30 pages into it) I am going to have to go on a quest to locate a copy of Myth Inc. in Action, since mine turned up missing recently.

Well, that's about all I have to say tonight. Merry Christmas or Bah, Humbug--which ever you prefer.

Well, it's tomorrow and I saw a comic strip that I had to scan for Dan. This ones for you, buddy.

I saw the Last Samurai on Saturday. I admit to going in with low expectations, but it blew me away. It was a great movie. There were only 3 actors that I recognized--most of the others were Japanese actors who had never worked in American film before, but they were awesome. This is one of those movies that I could watch again and again and will definitely be adding to my video collection when it goes to DVD. If you hear audio, it's music from the movie. If not, you do not have the plug-in for MP3s.

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© Brett Wilkes. All Rights Reserved.
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