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Novemember 10, 2003

I decided to change the colors of the major frames on nearly all the pages to attempt to make the text more readable. One of these days I may even undertake all the changes I noted when working at 800x600 resolution and get the Hitchhiker's Guide functioning...

I saw the Matrix Revolutions on opening night. I was disappointed--Matrix 3 could be a Terminator movie (not that I have a problem with out Governator's fine movie making). There was a lot of action, but little to stimulate the cerebral cortex. The countdown to Return of the King continues.

I'm nearly finished with Monstrous Regiment.

It is another fine Terry Pratchett read. Nothing overly taxing (which was a relief after finishing the re-read of Frank Herbert's Dune series), but definitely hard to put down.

That is about all there is to say tonight. Thanks for coming around.

Black Bart

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