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The Net 2.0

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 4:50 pm    Post subject: The Net 2.0 Reply with quote

I admit that I was stoked when I saw a sequel to the goofy, yet endearing, Sandra Bullock film, The Net. Despite my "stokedness," I still didn't check it out for several weeks - but it was a movie I knew I would get to sooner or later with my Blockbuster Movie Pass. I'm almost positive that this was another straight to DVD flop, but I could be wrong (I thought the same thing about Find Me Guilty, only to discover that it had opened briefly on the East Coast of the US).

The back of the DVD case made the film (as they always do) sound like a fitting sequel to The Net:

From one of the producers of the original mega hit THE NET, this action-paced sequel stars Nikki DeLoach (TV’s "North Shore") as Hope Cassidy, a beautiful computer expert who travels to Istanbul for the perfect job but instantly gets caught up in a high-tech frame job.

The nonstop chase is on as Hope has to use her brains and beauty to steal back her name and unravel the mystery. Thanks to some help from a mysterious cab driver and a sexy flight attendant, she’s able to uncover the shocking truth about what’s happening to her. Can she take back her past before the bad guys wipe out her future? Or will she be caught... in the net?

The film does do a good job (as did the first one) of putting a scare into th viewer about identity theft. It may be unlikely that anyone would steal one's identity to this extent, but the possibility is still there.

I probably should have realized that "from one of the producers of the original mega hit" was a sure giveaway that this film wasn't going to be the greatest sequel since Highlander II[i] (I keed - [i]Highlander II[i] was another complete failure to followup a good movie), but I missed the this obvious clue. Or just didn't care.

The fact that Sandra Bullock had nothing to do with it...well, that could have been another clue. As a matter of fact, I didn't recognize anyone in this film. The "big star" was Nikki Deloach - you may recognize her from her many TV roles (but probably not). The only noteable thing about the "star" of this film is her resemblance to [i]Scrubs
's Sarah Chalke. Another actress I thought I recognized was Keegan Connor Tracy, but that was only because I thought she was Thora Birch. She wasn't.

Unknown cast aside, the film was really shot in Istanbul, Turkey. The scenery is beautiful - statuesque mosques and other old-world architecture dominate the scenery. Unfortunately, that's all it is: scenery. It would have been more interesting if they had attempted to provide a little history of the region, but it was just another set for the film. At one point, the two female characters mentioned above meet in a mosque. Granted, I've never been to Turkey (or any other Muslim-dominated country), but I've been led to believe that Muslims aren't especially appreciative of western women flaunting their freedoms, especially in their holy places. Somebody must have been paid off.

The first comparison that came to mind as I watched this film was Hackers (featuring the then-unknown Angelina Jolie). The reason for this comparison: the absolute unrealistic technology used by the film. The filmmakers almost try to make it look real in the beginning, but slip into the all-too-familiar "use a big graphical representation of the company's security model" to try and impress the audience. If she did everything at the command line (as she was doing in the beginning), it would have just put people to sleep - so I guess I can see their point.

"Surely," you must be thinking, "the Special Features must have been amazing on this DVD to make up for the otherwise lackluster content." Sadly, there were no Special Features on the DVD (other than the "Filmmaker's Commentary"). Don't waste the money to rent this unless you can get it with a monthly deal like I did (and then, expect to be disappointed). Go ahead and check out a few random screen shots from the film to help you decide.
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