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Just Friends

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:48 pm    Post subject: Just Friends Reply with quote

I skipped Just Friends in the theater. And also managed to skip it in Blockbuster for a few months, but a lack of anything else I really wanted to see (and quite a few disappointments with straight-to-video releases) prompted me to give this DVD a try.

It wasn't as bad as I was afraid it would be. The all-too-familiar pathetic-loser-with-a-crush-on-a-friend angle was well done. We've all been there. And even though Ryan Reynolds is slightly-annoying, at best, and clearly aspires to follow in the footsteps of Jim Carey, if his performance in this video is any indication, he wasn't completely unlikable in this film. Unfortunately, he lacks Carey's knack for physical comedy, so most of his attempts to be funny...fell short. Amy Smart plays a convincing "girl nextdoor/sweet smalltown girl" and Anna Faris was...painfully annoying. But that's what the role called for, so mission accomplished!

Not knowing who played the role of the untalented, yet overhyped, pop diva, I actually thought Ashlee Simpson had been cast in the role. Anna Faris looked like the bleached version of Simpson, had the same scratchy voice and about the same vocal talents... It wasn't until she started ripping on Ashlee and Jessica that I realized it wasn't her (or at least "strongly suspected" it wasn't her). Also notable was the fat suit that Ryan Reynolds wore in the beginning of the film. It was frighteningly realistic.

As for DVD extras, there were a few I thought sounded interesting enough to watch: a blooper reel, the deleted scenes and an alternate ending. The blooper reel was mildly amusing (and oddly, it featured more scenes from the deleted scenes than from the film), and some of the deleted scenes actually explained otherwise unclear moments in the film, but the alternate ending...felt more like a deleted scene than an "ending." If that was an actual ending, it was weak.

This one's okay to rent (it will make you laugh), but I wouldn't buy it unless you're a big Amy Smart fan. To help you decide, here is a collection of semi-random screen shots from the film.
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