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Day of Wrath

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:33 pm    Post subject: Day of Wrath Reply with quote

As soon as I saw Christopher Lambert on the cover of the Day of Wrath DVD, I knew I would be unable to resist seeing this direct-to-video release. Granted, he looked more like Vigo from Ghostbusters II on the DVD cover than Connor MacLeod, but Connor MacLeod is the character I will forever associate him with, so I keep hoping for a worthy reprisal. Yet it never comes.

To be honest, Lambert is not really a very good actor. He's a bit monotonal and has a weird accent (which, ironically, worked well in Highlander). He doesn't realy knock anyone's socks off in this role, but at least he's playing a Spaniard, instead of a Scot (a bit closer to his native France) this time. And his character is kind of a pansy. Even though he's the Sheriff of this Spanish town, he is graceless when attacking a target dummy and unable to fend off any attacker (though he shows some surprising agility on horeseback).

But enough about Lambert and his characer. Is this a movie worth watching? In response to that question, I offer an unequivocal...maybe.

There are aspects of this film that make it well worth your time. It takes a period of Western Civilization's history that was less-than-benign and offers a new and unique perspective of the events surrounding the Inquisition. Unfortunately, the storytelling is a bit muddled (though this may be by design) and, until the film is reaching its end, you aren't really sure why things are happening or who many of the players really are. This is common with suspense/conspiracy films, but I'm not sure that this was the actual intent of the filmmakers (as much as just sloppy writing/directing).

Then again, I haven't done much research in to the veracity of the film's statements of "truth," so it may be more propoganda than education. If it is fact-based, there are some disturbing statistics revealed in the closing moments of the film that put the Inquisitors right up there with Hitler and Stalin. If not, sounds valid enough.

There are also several interesting characters who, had they been fleshed out a bit more, could have given the film some of what it was lacking...but they are barely used.

There are no Special Features on the DVD worth mentioning (not even Deleted Scenes). If you are a student of History, this film may interest you. If not, you will probably take little away from it. Then again, maybe knowing there are breasts to be seen will be enough to pique your interest (scene 1, 2, or 3).
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