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The Benchwarmers

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:16 pm    Post subject: The Benchwarmers Reply with quote

I saw The Benchwarmers (or Napoleon Dynamite II, the Paper Route) when it was in the theaters. I actually wrote this "review" right after I saw it, but I was apparently in a posting slump, so it didn't make it anywhere. With that in mind, I present my thoughts at the time...

There hasn't been a new movie released in the past few months that I really, really wanted to see. Though this past weekend was no exception, the wife really wanted to go see a movie. We scoured the movie listings and decided upon The Benchwarmers because....well, the Napoleon Dynamite dude was in it, and David Spade has been known to be funny. Honestly, I expected that all the funniest bits had already been shown in the TV trailers, so my expectations were low.

Fortunately, I was wrong. I'm not sure that this film will appeal to every viewer, but if you've embraced your inner-geek, you will find yourself laughing out loud during this film. Many times.

Jon Heder plays the same Napoleon Dynamite type (man, talk about unfortunate typecasting) of character that brought him his limited fame (a 30 year-old paperboy who lives with his mom, always wears a bicycle helmet, and has never spoken to a girl). David Spade plays another loser, a video store clerk who has never been on a date or kissed a girl. And Rob Schneider is the stud of the dork group: he's actually married to a hot chick (Molly Sims), but is a lowly landscaping guy (no offense to you hardworking landscapers out there, but it's not exactly a prestigious profession). I was surprised to see that John Lovitz is also in this film (I don't remember seeing him in the trailers) - and his character is the culmination of geekiness. I won't ruin it for you, but he's got lots of dough and has purchased all the cool stuff that every dork who grew up in the eighties would have filled their dream house with (he has several cars: two of which are KITT from Knight Rider and the original Batmobile).

The film does actually have a message - it's more than just a vehicle to promote the cause of hopeless dweebs everywhere. It's about acceptance. And friendship. And forgiveness. And cardboard castles in your mom's basement.
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