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Berkely Breathed's Opus

I have, since the final days of Bloom County, been a Berke Breathed fan. His books, The Last Basselope and A Wish for Wings that Work, are amazingly illustrated and cleverly written tales about preserving nature and being grateful for what you have. I have been scanning, intermittently, the Opus strip since it reappeared in the Sunday comics in 2003. At some point, there is a possibility that these strips will have to be removed and will be replaced with a letter from Berke's lawyers (telling me to remove the offending strips). I've seen this happen on other sites, but until I get that cease and desist notice, here are the strips that I've managed to archive.

And now, the strips!

There weren't very many strips in 2003, but Christmas Vacation intervened and I still managed to miss three weeks of Opus (one of which was in 2004).
2003 (click the year to show/hide the strips for 2003)

I missed the occasional strip throughout 2004. I want to blame disinterest in the leftist political stance Berke was so strongly endorsing, but that was probably only part of the reason. For whatever reason, I stopped saving the strips around April and also missed a few other strips here and there throughout 2004. Christmas vacation intervened once again, and I missed a few more strips while away in non-Opus land.

Toward the end of 2004, Berke brought back another aged Bloom County regular, Steve Dallas.

2004 (click the year to show/hide the strips for 2004)

I would have done pretty well in 2005, if it hadn't been for our annual Summer pilgrimage to the Northlands. Only four issues (one in June, three in July) went missing this year.
2005 (click the year to show/hide the strips for 2005)

Christmas arrived again, but this time I made plans to avoid missing Opus while I was away. I arranged to have the ten newspapers (Sun-Sat) held for delivery when I returned...alas, 'twas not to be, for fate intervened once again and caused the Jan 1 newspaper to mysteriously disappear. I actually only missed that one strip in 2006. Impressive. I even started 2007 off on the right foot by not missing the vacation issue of the newspaper.
2006 (click the year to show/hide the strips for 2006)

Whoo-hoo! Not a single 2007 strip was missed. Booya!!
It may have been the lack of family vacations (we didn't take a single one all year) or a newfound sense of responsibilty toward scanning and posting all the strips, but whatever the casue, I did't miss a single one. Who da man?
2007 (click the year to show/hide the strips for 2007)

And now we begin 2008. Have I mentioned that the dearth of Pickles-related comics saddens me?
2008 (click the year to show/hide the strips for 2008)

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