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Novemember 1, 2003

The only significant change to the site happened tonight. I modified (very slightly) the news archive, to let readers jump right to the archived entry by date. Nothing major. I was planning to make the site more friendly to 800x600 resolutions (after going to the site on my father-in-law's computer wich is run guessed it, 800x600), but haven't quite gotten around to it. I had also planned to finish the hitchhiker's guide...but not news there, either, I'm aftraid.

There are only a couple of new additions to the Princess page--Halloween pictures of the girls. While I have piles (figuratively speaking--they're digital) of pictures, I haven't found many that I feel like posting...

Let's see, any new movies...School of Rock was really good. I would highly recommend it to anyone under 40. I can't think of any other especially noteworthy movies that I've seen lately. The countdown to Matrix Revolutions and Return of the King continues.

I managed to see Terry Pratchett at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in October. He was a lot shorter than I had expected, but every bit as interesting and humorous. I haven't had a chance to read Monstrous Regiment yet (other than the first couple of chapters while I was waiting in line to have the book signed).

The coolest thing: we talked about the HitchHiker's Guide and Douglas Adams.

He's a big fan, too. If you haven't read Terry Pratchett's stuff, get out there and do it. He's great!

I'm still struggling through the Frank Herbert Dune novel re-read. It's amazing how much you can forget about a story in 10 years. It's almost as if I had never read them before. I've really enjoyed my return to Dune. Frank Herbert was a master story teller (another of his novels, The White Plague, is more contemporary and further proof of his greatness). I am on the final installment and bummed that there is nothing more beyond that (unless you count the Brian Herbert/Kevin Anderson novels). At least I'll have time to get to Stardust, the Myth novels, Monstrous Regiment and the new John Grisham novel.

I haven't quite made it to the Warcraft III expansion. I'm in the first stages of the Night Elf Campaign in the original game replay, so I'm almost there...

Here's something that surpried me...I signed up for the MBNA Star Wars credit card and part of the deal (the best part was the 0% interest rate for a year and 7.9% thereafter) was that I would receive a Star Wars statue as thanks.

It finally arrived last week and is much cooler than I had expected. It is actually a limited, numbered edition Darth Vader bust.

Hey, how about those San Diego wild fires? That has been a bit of excitement. The flames were never very near our home, but my office building was threatened, my parents' and uncle's homes were in the path (although the fire was curbed before it could get that far) and we all had the surreal experience of living under Mordor-like skies for a few days. The air was ash-filled and oppressive. The skies were dirty brown and depressing. It was a scary time.

I'm sure there have been other things I wanted to share, but as usual, I can't remember now.

Thanks for coming around.

Bad Bart

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