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   The Legend of Drizzt
       I don`t remember which SA Salvatore novels this limited series encompassed, but it was well done with beautiful covers.
   The Last Unicorn
       This is a novel that I've never actually read, but the art for this comic was really great.

Superhero comics

   Captain America
       I didn`t buy many Superhero comics. I generally only picked up books that I was really impressed with the cover art and whole series if the interior artwork was impressive, too. This series was one of those really impressive ones.
   Iron Man
       I had never been a big fan of Ironman or Superheroes in general, but I think the Robert Downey Jr films got to me. The covers for the first several issues were pretty good, too. Not great, but good.
       These Spider-man Collectible Series comics came free in the Sunday edition of the San Diego Union Tribune amny years ago. I actually missed one of them when I went on vacation and had to track it down.

Superhero comics

   Spider-Man India
       I'm not sure why I picked these up. It was basically an Indian (east-Indian, not Ammerican-Indian) version of Peter Parker. Interesting, but a little weird.

Superhero comics

   The Amazing Spider-Man
       This is the only regular issue of Spider-Man in my collection (other than those oddball versions above). It was all about the cover.
   Silver Surfer
       This is another "Superhero" book that I couldn't resist. Not only were the covers and interiors fully painted and gorgeous, the issues all had cardstock covers.
   DC Taco bell promotions
       This was a giveaway at Taco Bell a million years ago. The "comic" also folded out to a 3-D poster. I had a Green Lantern one, too, but I don't know what happened to it. I probably gave it to someone who was a green lantern fan.

Marvel Conan comic magazines

   Conan Saga
       I picked these Marvel Conan Saga magazines up from a collection someone was selling at my local comic store. There were a lot of issues, but most were in pretty poor condition, so I just picked up the best covers in the best conditions.
   Conan The Savage
   The Savage Sword of Conan

Fairy Tale-related comics

       The Joe Linser covers gracing the first eight covers of this series were definitely my motivation for collecting all the issues. Sadly, they switched cover artists, but by then I had to keep going for completeness. They did something similar with th Mermaid spin-off, but only the first issue had a Jay Anacleto cover worth mentioning.
   Damsels mermaids

Video Game-to-Comic adaptations

   The Last of Us
       The Last of Us is a pretty interesting take on surviving post-apocalyptic zombies and other non-zombie survivors. I`ve never played the game this was based on so I can't compare it to the original.

D&D/Fantasy comics

   Orc Stain
       These comics, giving an orc`s perspective of life, were interestingly illustrated and pretty funny. It felt a lot like a Warcraft-type story (with more humor).
       Pathfinder is an actual D&D-type role-playing game. These comics each included character sheets, maps and other gaming materials. And the comics were pretty sweet with interesting alternative covers.
   Pathfinder Goblins
       I guess you can play Pathfinder as a goblin character, too.

Post-apocalyptic comics

       A Water World meets Mad Max meets mad scientists running amok post-apocalyptic adventure by Rage Against The Machine`s Tom Morello.
   Planet of the Apes
       There was quite a comic book revival for a while there after the reboot of the Planet of the Apes movies. The covers were mostly unremarkable (I actually preferred most of the phot covers) and the interior art wasn't anything that special, but I like a good post-apocalyptic story so I tried to keep up with all the various spin-offs. I didn't bother scanning the individual issues because the covers weren't interesting enough to me to have a high-resolution scan of.

Star Wars comics

   Dark Empire
       These comics were Randy's, by little Brother-in-Law, who died way too young. I still have a set of my own.
   Empire`s End
       These comics were also Randy's, by little Brother-in-Law, who died way too young. I still have a set of my own.
   X-Wing Rogue Squadron
       These comics were also Randy's, by little Brother-in-Law, who died way too young. I have a complete set of my the Rogue Squadron comics of my own.
   Cracked/Mad Magazine
       I was picking up every Star Wars-related thing I could find for a while. I still have cereal boxes, KFC and Taco Bell promotional Star Wars stuff, TV Guides, etc.

Good Girl comics

   Danger Girl
   Gen 13
   Witchblade Takeru manga
       I don't have a lot of Manga comics (pretty much all Dark Horse), but I do appreciate the art style so I picked up all the issues in this series.
   Penny For Your Soul
       Sinnamon was another eBay discovery. The black and white interiors looked like unfinished pencils and were really well done. I could never find it locally so I stopped collecting after issue #5
   Jurrasic Jane
       This was a goofy cave woman comic called I stumbled across on eBay. Each issue came with two covers - one clothed and the other one...less so.
   Budd Roots' Cavewoman comics
       I think eBay also led me to the gorgeous (much more interesting than Jurassic Jane) illustrations of Budd Root. I've heard that the title character, Meriem, is based on Budd's actual wife. Wow.

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