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342 KB

A charcoal sketch I did on a whim (8/31/2004). The original actually looked a lot better than the scan.

265 KB

A far from accurate sketch of Cameron (11-20-2004).

Stephanie II,
192 KB

A pencil sketch of the beautiful Stephanie, this one actually requested by Stephanie (12/2004). Again, the original actually looked much better than the scan.

391 KB

A pencil sketch of Michael (2-26-2005). Curly hair can be difficult to draw.

132 KB

This was one of a number of identical statues in the background of the Arnold photo. Read my bio to find out who 'Downsy' is.

211 KB

Sweet little Joy asked if I would draw an angel for her - and I thought she fit the bill perfectly. Unfortunately, I aged her a bit. (drawn Oct 14, 2005)
291 KB

This was a photo in American Photo that I had to draw. It was framed for my dad's birthday long before I had a scanner, so there is a lot of reflection from the glass over the drawing (digital camera).

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